Wild Brandi: First Spread, Toy, and Cum Video! Zipset

“Wild” Brandi Olsen shows pink and toys herself to orgasm for the first time ever in this gallery and video! Normally just a nude model, Brandi shows us something special in her first Epic Zipset. After slowly stripping out of her micro thong, this hot little 95-pound firecracker opens her legs in a perfect split and lets us see the glistening pink that she’s previously kept hidden from fans.

Armed with a pocket vibe we gave her, she settles into her fap nook and starts buzzing her bean. She cums twice… the first time only serving as a warm-up for the stronger second orgasm. When she’s ready to cum, her strong dancer legs tense up and she gets a determined air about her. We weren’t sure after the first wave if she was done, so we kept the camera rolling anyway, and she didn’t budge until she came twice. “That’s how I do it,” she told us afterward. It was our first time seeing it, too – lesson learned!

Check out the zip set here!



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