Bailey Knox Oh My Markers

Bailey Knox loves her fans, and this is one of the most fan-requested zipsets ever! Backstory: while still living at parent’s house at age 18, the young Ms. Knox did not own a sex toy. So like a lot of freaky girls do, she experimented with the markers on her desk, sometimes even during her very first camshows. At the time, fans could only view the naughtiness through the streaming video of an old Standard Def webcam that was pixellated and and frequently froze. But the marker-fucking incidents became legendary. We bought a brand new 12-pack of markers and let Bailey enjoy them with 3 HD cameras to catch all the action! Bailey (and the camera girl) decorate her nipples with hearts doodles instead of a top. Facing a full length mirror, she cums from the same position that she did on the first marker camshow, giving the viewer the ultimate Bailey throwback scene, finally in stellar HD quality.

Download the entire awesome zipset here!

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