50 Shades Of Pattycake Zipset 35 Minute Video

50 Shades of Patty

Ladies have their 50 Shades of Grey. Now you can have your 50 Shades of Patty! This flirty submissive kneels on pink satin sheets wearing a gray satin dress shirt borrowed from your closet. Hungry with anticipation, she teasingly undoes each button exposing her supple breasts tightly packed in her frilled lace bra. Spreading her legs, you glimpse pink through her thin sheer panties. She touches herself wantingly. Retrieving a leather whip she taunts you, surrendering herself to punishment. Begging for you to bound her hands with your own tie, she reveals two ben wa balls to be inserted before you administer her spankings. Getting on her hands and knees, she presents her ass to receive the chastening. After she’s been thoroughly disciplined, you bound her hands to the headboard before indulging her with a long pink glass dildo. She cums intensely with your thrusts.

Still bound to the bed, you slowly pour smooth gray paint down her legs and across her body. After releasing her hands, she begins caressing herself, removing her bra, panties, and stockings while spreading the silky liquid over her skin. Placing herself on her knees once again, her bare ass in the air, you pour more thick paint down her bottom. The steady stream, tickles her fair pale skin as it flows deeply to her intimate areas. She shakes her full bouncy behind for you, giving you an unhindered view of her lightly paint kissed lady purse. Turning to face you, she begins rubbing herself and fondling her breasts again exposing her pert pink nipples, leaving the thinnest of layers covering her naughty bits.

This 35 minute video features multiple camera angles, slow motion, playful dirty talk, messy play, masturbation, a leather whip, spankings, a glass dildo, orgasms, bondage, stainless steel ben wa balls, and mystery man hands. It’s got it all!

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